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A global community of vendors selling industrial goods and products to unfold their applications and consumers interested in product functionality to enrich their daily lives.


An E-Commerce platform that fosters national and international trade in consideration of the consumer's desire for simplicity in a complex world.


Growth opportunities for our clients and vendors to sell their goods and products into new markets with low risks and investment as we deliver an integrated trade platform via advisory, transaction and marketing.


Happiness of our clients and consumers is our main focus. Hence, we select and check vendors carefully to ensure product quality and a service that keeps our customers and clients happy.


Advice through our trade advisory services provides analytical support for your business expansion into new markets that we combine with our e-commerce marketplace to grow your business globally with us.


Marketing services for our clients and vendors to support their goods and products becomes an integral part of our long-term business relationship strategy.

Development 82%
Design 92%
Social Networks 13%

Madetrade Marketplace is a subsidiary business of Arvigor Trading & Co. GmbH. We offer our clients a streamlined, integrated and efficient business platform to trade their goods and products in various markets and to foster new trade relationships with consumers and businesses. Through Add Trade Advisory, we provide a wide range of services to ensure that our clients and vendors expand their business in a sustainable manner. This approach is supplemented by Caretrade Blog, the marketing and public relations arm of Arvigor Trading & Co. GmbH, to empower our clients for new market entries and to help them grow their market share with low risk and investment requirements.

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